Let There Be Light

December 24, 2009

Throwing together a quick holiday shindig?  Concerned about blowing your party budget on decor?  One of the best ways to create great ambience for any event is by utilizing creative lighting.  

Many special event clients incorrectly assume that there's no room in their budget for what is often perceived to be an over-the-top, unneccessary expense.  However, using strategically-placed lighting can make a world of difference in any event space, and can be done so for a very reasonable amount of money.  What's more, pin- and spotlighting can create dramatic and elegant effects that allow you to save on other, pricier decorative elements.

So how does this translate to your home or office party?  Enter the humble workhorse of holiday greenery and dorm rooms everywhere: the Christmas light.  Often relegated to trees and walls, Christmas lights have a multitude of uses that usually go unnoticed.   Economical and easy to find, you can elevate lights from their humble beginnings with a few of these ideas:
      -Run a strand down the center of your dining room or banquet  
       table in place of tealights.  Intersperse glittered and metallic 
       ornaments  to add even more sparkle.

      -Fill tall glass cylinder vases with lights and ornaments and use as a
       backdrop for your buffet or bar.

      -Adorn gift-wrapped boxes with Christmas light 'ribbon' for a bright
       display outside or under your tree.

TIP: for a cleaner look in areas far from a power source, utilize battery-operated lights (often used on wreaths).

Happy entertaining!