Once in a Blue Moon...

December 31, 2009

Every New Year's Eve, it's the same old story: everyone asks their friends what their plans are, and then no one commits until the last minute, usually to some haphazardly thrown-together shindig.  The worse alternative: paying a boatload for an 'all-inclusive' dinner and bar package/club cover/public party only to find that it takes a half an hour to obtain a well drink, as you dance elbow to elbow with random intoxicated guests.

For some, these scenarios may be appealing.  However, once in a blue moon (pun intended) engaged couple that you are friends with decides to save you from making the choice by providing you with the  best scenario of all: The New Year's Eve Wedding.

Plans for December 31st? Check.  Dinner and drinks?  Check, check.  Dancing with your friends?  Good to go!  For the wedding guests, it's an instant win.

For the couple, it can be a great situation as well.  Depending on where you plan on having your wedding (and the day of the week), packages and specials may be offered.  In addition, the major choices of wedding colors and decor choices can be much easier to make when presented with a New Year's wedding; silver or gold and black is an easy look to go with!

So while you're waiting in line for your watered-down drink, or suffering at a random party this evening, take your friends who got engaged over Christmas aside and ask them if they've considered Friday, December 31st, 2010 as their wedding date!