The professionals at Fandangle Event Design understand the importance of each and every event that we plan. Our attention to detail and commitment to creating your perfect event have resulted in many satisfied clients and memorable events.


While there are many values to hiring an event designer, perhaps the most significant lies in the details. Events, large and small, are filled with numerous details in every stage of the planning process. By assuming the many daily responsibilities involved with planning an event, Fandangle manages these many particulars, allowing you the peace of mind a professional planner permits. Through our experience, we are able to navigate the stressful and oftentimes confusing planning process so you don't have to.


As professional event designers, the Fandangle Event Design team is continually exposed to the latest in creative event trends. From modern to traditional, we are able to interpret these current ideas and make suggestions to you to create a flawless and memorable personalized event.


In most situations, events are organized by a team of individuals. Whether they are co-workers, vendors, or family, Fandangle Event Design has your best interest in mind. We are skilled in serving as a 'third party' for negotiations and planning meetings, offering our experience and advice throughout the entire planning process.


A good event designer will almost always pay for itself. When you hire Fandangle Event Design, you gain planning knowledge and expertise that will help you save money throughout the planning process. From vendor negotiations to industry familiarity, Fandangle is able to surpass your event vision while remaining within your budget.