Happy New Year, party people!  Between all of the wild Martin Luther King and Groundhog Day parties we've been planning, the Fandangle team sure has been busy (we kid, we kid).   It's been so long since we updated the blog that you'd think that we're hibernating over here.  But we have a break before all of those craaazy Presidents' Day parties, so we thought we'd check in with a new post.

Temperatures may be dipping below freezing outside, but even the laziest Snuggie-wearing couch potatoes will venture into the Michigan cold to come together for one of winter's most beloved annual events: the Super Bowl.  And this year, the Detroit Lions have given local football fans a fantastic reason to get excited for the big game.   On Sunday, February 5th, family rooms across the country will fill as friends and family gather to watch two teams battle it out in Super Bowl LI.  And while many people will throw parties for the big game, few will use an event planner to help coordinate them.  Here are some tips from Fandangle's playbook to help tackle your Super Bowl party:

The Pre-Game Report
Since we're a month out from the event, now's the time to send your invitations.  If you're keeping things casual, inviting your guests via Evite, Paperless Post or Facebook is the easiest (and cheapest!) way to go.  Feeling crafty?  Invitations masquerading as game tickets will get plenty of RSVPs. 

FANDANGLE TIP: No one wants to cut players from the team.  But having more guests than seats for the big game is a party foul.  Make sure to have plenty of comfy seating for your attendees - it's a long game!

Quench Their Thirst
Besides plenty of beer (in coolers, near the action), make sure to have other beverages for your guests.   Mix up your favorite punch and name it 'The Touchdown'; your guests will appreciate not missing a play to make a drink, and it saves you from putting out a full bar.  In addition, always have non-alcoholic beverages available for the non-drinkers and designated drivers of the group.

FANDANGLE TIP: Don't forget to have ample amounts of ice, napkins, etc.  No one wants to run to the store at halftime...

Gametime Grub 
Your guests will be planted at your place for quite awhile, so don't forget the food!  Keep in mind that people will be grazing throughout the game, so choose menu items that will hold up well over the course of the party.  Channeling your inner Iron Chef? Pick regional favorites from the teams' hometowns (we're clearly hoping this means Coneys...).  If you are going the more traditional route, chili is always a fan favorite, as is a deli or sandwich tray.  Just be sure to let guests add their own toppings and condiments.  Chips and salsa, nuts and veggies are great coffee table fare.  And since you likely want to enjoy the game yourself, do yourself a favor and make sure the majority of your menu items can be prepared ahead of time and don't require tons of time in the kitchen during the party (read: your Snack Stadium may be more trouble than it's worth).

FANDANGLE TIP: Forget the idea of ordering pizza if you want to eat it before midnight; you're not the only one with THAT brilliant plan...

Up the Ante
Whether your guests have come for the commercials or the rivalry, a friendly pool or football squares keeps everyone in the game.  

FANDANGLE TIPCLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions on setting up your football pool.

Finally, if all of this sounds like waaay too much work, and you'd rather be handed beers while someone else serves the food, you can always call us...